Game Time

The two boys climbed effortlessly on top of the garden wall. Once there, they giggled, feeling proud of themselves. They sat in silence enjoying their prime spot. The night was quiet and the sky was clear. The air was fresh and crisp. Perfect weather conditions, as they said on the telly.

“I’m gonna have myself a smoke.“ Billy said reaching for his pocket.

“No, you’re not! Are you daft man?! She is going to see the light, and then all of this is for nothing.”

“Sheit! You are right man!” He nodded in agreement and brought his hand back in his lap.

“Not long now and it will start.”

The old lady was in the living room. They could both see her dragging her slippers on the carpet. The room was filled with stuff, little china figurines, plastic flowers, some books hidden under knitted yellowish napkins. That is what they looked like to Billy. They did not care about that stuff, it was junk. They were here for the TV. God knows how or why this little old lady had that monster of a TV. But she did, and it drew them like a magnet.

Billy looked at his watch. Not long now. He could barely contain his excitement. The old lady turned off the light.

“Pam-pam-pam! Drum roll please!”

“What in the world is she doing?” Jimmy seemed to be losing his patience. “Can’t she move any faster?”

The old lady turned on a night lamp, and holding a big bowl, sat on the couch.

She turned on the TV. The match was on. She made herself comfortable almost disappearing into the couch. Doing this she glanced at a photo hung above the fireplace.

“The match is on John.” Her voice was soft and loving.

While he was alive she never watched it, she hated all that running around, but now she missed him terribly and his love for the game made it bring him closer to her.

And on the garden wall outside, two young boys, were happily watching the game with her and John. Love bringing them all together.